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 Whatch DvD's on your Wii

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PostSubject: Whatch DvD's on your Wii   Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:02 am

Step 1
If you have installed thehomebrew channel this should all be pretty easy. You will need to download 2sets of files "libdi" and "mplayer", both can be found here: [url=http://hackmii.com/2008/08/libdi-and-the-dvdx-installer/ ][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [/url] If you have a modchip you will need the other file on that page, "pactchmii_core".

step 2Installing

Now you will find a ".dol" file in the folder which you downloadedcalled "DL", rename this file to "boot.dol" and place it ina folder in the "apps" folder on you Sd Card. The Run this filethrough the homebrew channel. If your console has a mod chip, click"patchmii install" if not proceed with the normal install.

step 3The Dvd Player

Now you will need to add the contents of the second folder you downloaded(which should be named "mplayer-r2...") into the "apps"folder onto your sd. Then Like before boot this through the homebrew channel.

step 4Running The Software

Now once you have opened up the homebrew channel you will find the application"mplayer" Run this and then you are ready to play your dvd's Inactual fact, mplayer can do more than play dvd's, it can also play files offthe sd card, although this in quite buggy at the minute due to the fact thatmost of the effort was put into making it read dvds.

step 5Controls

This can be quite confusing at first, but to control the software you will needto use the up and down arrows on the wiimote to hi-light an option then youwill use the right arrow to select it, the left arrow will take you back theprevious menu. To play your dvd you will need to scroll down the"DVD-Video" option then press the right arrow on the wiimote, it mayta…

step 6Disclaimer

It is said that due to the way that the wii reads disc's that this MAY damage the laser, BUT it is also said this is a myth. So Bearing This in mind, i am inNO WAY responsible if you happen to damage your wii in any way while following these instructions, this is done entirely at your own risk. Thank you

This artical was written by some else all credits go to them
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Whatch DvD's on your Wii
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