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 Upgrade your Xbox 360 HDD Using HDDHackr

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Upgrade your Xbox 360 HDD Using HDDHackr  Empty
PostSubject: Upgrade your Xbox 360 HDD Using HDDHackr    Upgrade your Xbox 360 HDD Using HDDHackr  EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 2:43 pm


This tutorial will explain to you how to upgrade your Xbox 360 Harddrive using a program called "HDDHackr". LeHaM.org takes no responsibility for users who damage their own equipment in any way, shape or form. The method's listed below are proven to work so whatever you do is at your own risk.
What is HDD Hackr?

This tool will allow you to use HDD's that are not 'certified' by Microsoft.

This specific tool is written for use with the Western Digital BEVS series


Required Tools
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

How to use

Get yourself a Western Digital SATA BEVS HDD. To use this tool, you need

a HDD security sector file ('hddss.bin'). If you don't have one, here's how

to create one from a valid xbox 360 HDD:

* Dumping the hddss.bin file *

Boot to dos from a writeable medium (like a floppy). Connect an *original*

xbox 360 HDD to your SATA controller. Make sure it is the only SATA device

that is connected. Now run 'hddhackr -d'. This will create a file 'hddss.bin'

and it will save it to the path you've started the hddhackr from.

* Modding your Western Digital *

Now turn off your PC and connect the Western Digital and boot to dos again.

Type 'hddhackr -f' from the same path you have saved the hddss.bin file to.

This will flash your FW. It will ask if you want to create an undo file. It

is advised to do so. This will create an 'undo.bin' file that you need if

you want to undo the hack.

* Check if it worked *

Shut down your pc, reboot again to dos and again type 'hddhackr -f'. It

should now tell you that the drive should work in your x360. If so, connect

it to your x360 and go to your dashboard/system/memory where you should be

able to format the drive.

* Restoring your WD to original state *

If you don't want to use your modded WD in your x360 anymore and you want to

flash it back to its original size, then you can now do so. Boot to dos again

and run 'hddhackr -u'. This will use the undo.bin file you created before to

restore the drive to its original state.


Q. I get an error when I try to dump hddss.bin from a 120 gb HDD.

A. This version can't dump from an elite drive yet. You'll have to dump sectors

16-22 manually with a tool like winhex, save them as 'hddss.bin' and then continue

like normal, with the hddhackr.

Q. Will this tool allow me to connect a 500 gb drive to my x360 ?

A. No. The information on sector 16 is signed and can't be changed. You can

only use size where you have a valid signature for. In otherwords, if a

bigger HDD comes out, you can use that signature.

Q. With which HDD's does this work ?

A. As of version 0.91, it now works with all sizes and versions of the Western

Digital Scorpio BEVS series.

Q. Do I need the same size WD HDD as the size on sector 16 states ?

A. No. You can use bigger HDD's, but you can't use more than the size stated

in sector 16. You can NOT use smaller HDD's than the size on sector 16

states. For example, you can use a 40 GB HDD with a sector 16 from a 20 GB HDD, but

not the other way around of course.

Q. Can I use the HDD in my PC again ?

A. Of course. The tool comes with an 'undo' option, that will restore the

original size. For example, you use a 40 gb WD HDD, you used hddss.bin

from a valid xbox 20 gb HDD, so the tool will transform your 40 GB HDD into

a 20 gb HDD. However, you can restore it to 40 gb anytime you want with the

undo option.

Q. I lost my undo.bin file, can I use it from another drive ?

A. There's no guarantee this will work. It might kill your drive. Using

a undo.bin from a different model (LAT/RST) will kill your drive for sure.

Q. I have a x360 core version and want to use this hack to buy a cheap HDD.

But how do i connect it ?

A. If you don't have a premium, you can make the HDD internal.

Q. The tool doesn't detect my HDD !

A. First, make sure you are running it from dos, not from a dos box under windows.

Ifthe hddhackr does not autodetect your SATA controller (if you have an nForce

chipset for example), then you can manually edit the hddhackr to support it.

To do this:

1. Find the two ports that your SATA chipset uses for data communication (see the

MTKediting thread
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )

more detailed info on how to do this), basically, you need to run 'msinfo32',

then go to storage/scsi or storage/ide, depending on your SATA chipset and then

look for the two adress lines that have a difference of 7 between them.

For example:

I/O-port 0x0000EFE0-0x0000EFE7

I/O-port 0x0000EFAC-0x0000EFAF

I/O-port 0x0000EFA0-0x0000EFA7

I/O-port 0x0000EFA8-0x0000EFAB

I/O-port 0x0000EF90-0x0000EF9F

I/O-port 0x0000E800-0x0000E8FF

In this example the two port numbers you are looking for (with difference of 7) are

0xEFE0 and 0xEFA0.

2. Open the hddhackr.com in a hexeditor and search for the string 'port=MPRT'

(it is at the end of the file). Now, that 'MPRT' string is 4 bytes long:

0x4D 0x50 0x52 0x54. You have to replace these four bytes with the 2 port numbers

(which are each 2 bytes long, so you replace the 4 bytes in total), so in the

example above you replace these four bytes with: '0xEF 0xE0 0xEF 0xA0'.

3. If you then start the hddhackr, it will automatically detect that you have edited

that string, so it will skip the SATA autodetector and instead use the port numbers

you've supplied.

Q. The hddhackr says the undo.bin file already exists

A. If you previously made an undo.bin file, then you should keep that one. There's no

need to create another one. Keep in mind that the undo.bin represents the current state

of the drive. So if you flash the drive and create a new undo.bin, it will contain

different info. So in short: it's best to only create the undo.bin file ones: the very

first time.

Q. Could you do this for my Seagate, Maxtor, Samsung or whatever drive too ?

A. Yes, but I don't have plans to do so. The cheapest WD drive (40 gb) ships

for about $50 and thus is one of the cheapest. It is a lot of work to

convert this tool for usage with other brands and I don't think it is worth

the trouble.
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Upgrade your Xbox 360 HDD Using HDDHackr
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