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 How to Refill an HP 60 Ink Cartridge

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PostSubject: How to Refill an HP 60 Ink Cartridge   Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:43 pm

An HP-60 is a common ink cartridge used in avariety of different Hewlett-Packard printers. It comes it two types: oneholding black ink and one holding the three standard colorinks (cyan, magenta and yellow). A number of compatible inkcartridges made by companies other than Hewlett-Packard can be used in the sametypes of printer. They can be expensive to replace--especially in the case ofthe color cartridge, which may still have ink in two of its inkwells, even ifthe third is empty. Ink refill kits can be purchased much less expensively thanreplacementcartridges and will allow you to use the same cartridge numeroustimes.

Skill: Easy


Used HP-60 black or color ink cartridge, orsimilar compatible model

Inkrefill kit


Old shirt


Ideally, you should let the cartridge sitin the printer for a few hours after you have refilled it. The cartridge uses asponge to help printing and the idle time allows the sponge to be properlyfilled with ink

Step 1

Place the newspaper on the counter or table topwhere you intend to work. You may also want to wear an old shirt in case any ofthe ink spills.

Step 2

Disconnect the ink cartridge from the printerand lay it down on the newspaper. Remove the label on top. Beneath it, youshould see a hole or series of holes. With the black cartridge, the hole willbe in the center of the cartridge. With the color cartridge, there will bethree holes: one for each color of ink. When facing you (the cartridge ispointed so that you can read the top label normally), the hole for the yellowinkwell will be at the top of the cartridge, the hole for the cyan inkwell willbe on the right-hand side and the hole for the yellow inkwell will be on theleft-hand side. This may vary slightly if you are using a compatible cartridgemanufactured by another company.

Step 3

Check the refill ink kit. It should containeither syringes full of replacement ink, or ink bottles that can be puncturedand drained with a needle. Select the coloryou need from the refill kit and attach the needle to the bottle if needed.

Step 4

Slip the needle tip or syringe tip into theappropriate hole on top of the cartridge. Give it a gentle squeeze and let theink slowly fill the inkwell. For HP-60 color cartridges, each inkwell holds 6ml. For black cartridges, the inkwell holds 10 ml. Jumbo cartridges orcompatible cartridges from another company may hold different amounts. You canprevent overflow simply by being cautious and by stopping when the inkwell is3/4 full or thereabouts. It will still print for quite a while at 3/4 full.

Step 5

Remove the needle or syringe and replace thecartridge in the printer. You can put the label back on if you want, but itisn't necessary. Run a cleaning cycle through the printer and then printup a couple of color pages to make sure the ink is flowing as it should.
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How to Refill an HP 60 Ink Cartridge
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