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 How to Refill HP 94 Ink Cartridges

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PostSubject: How to Refill HP 94 Ink Cartridges   Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:41 pm


Things you’ll need

Printer ink refill kit

Used HP 94 printer ink cartridge

Electric drill

Household tape

Old newspapers

Paper towels


Step 1

Spread the newspapers over your entire work area.Place the paper towels within close reach. Put the used HP 94 ink cartridgeupright on the newspapers and open the ink refill kit.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the recessed area on the top of theHP 94 ink cartridge, if there isn’t one already there. If the cartridge has arefill hole, remove the tape that covers it.

Step 3

Fill the syringe with ink from the kit.--uuallywith 10 millileters for black ink and five to eight cc for colored ink.

Step 4

Insert the syringe needle into the hole on top ofthe cartridge and with firm pressure slowly fill the HP 94 cartridge with ink.

Step 5

Seal the hole with tape.

Step 6

Place any unused ink back into the bottle for lateruse.

Step 7

Wipe off the HP 94 ink cartridge and place it backinto the printer.

Step 8

Leave the ink cartridge in the printer for at least24 hours before using. This allows the sponge inside the cartridge to becomeevenly saturated with the ink.

Tips& Warnings

It’s a good idea to wear old clothes when refilling cartridges in case of spills.If you aren’t very handy, wearing rubber gloves is a good idea.Always follow the instructions included in the refill package regarding your type and brand of ink cartridge.If your ink cartridge has been totally out of ink for over an hour, refilling may not work. Remember to refill your cartridge when it gets low and before it becomes bone dry.
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How to Refill HP 94 Ink Cartridges
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