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 How to Change Windows 7 Media Center Background

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PostSubject: How to Change Windows 7 Media Center Background   Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:47 am


If you're bored of Windows default WMC background, there is a way of changing it!


Please make a backup copy of ehres.dll

This tip is surprisingly easy to pull-off too!!

1. First up you'll need to take ownership of ehres.dll located in \Windows\ehome.

2. Make a copy of ehres.dll on the desktop and name it ehres BACKUP.dll

3. Download restorator 2007, run the program and use it to open ehres.dll (A:\Windows\ehome)

4. Once you have ehres.dll open in the left hand pane, navigate to; RCData\COMMON.ANIMATED.BACKGROUND.PNG

5. Right click on COMMON.ANIMATED.BACKGROUND.PNG and go to extract...>extract as "COMMON.ANIMATED.BACKGROUND.PNG"

Click this bar to view the full image.

Save the .png to the desktop and name it common.animated.background.png

6. Right click again but this time go to Assign...>Assign To...

Click this bar to view the full image.

Choose your preferred background (must be .png) any resolution is OK.

7. Save ehres.dll and close restorator.

8. Create a new folder on the desktop named WMC Backup, put the ehres BACKUP.dll and common.animated.background.png into it, store it somewhere safe!

Open up WMC to see your new background.

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How to Change Windows 7 Media Center Background
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