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 SSH Tunneling by THSHax0r

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SSH Tunneling by THSHax0r Empty
PostSubject: SSH Tunneling by THSHax0r   SSH Tunneling by THSHax0r EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 2:39 am

For those people who dont have an idea of how a "proxy" works. just dont bother.

First of all, SSH Tunneling is a more advanced way of skipping the fucking annoyance of the DET filters. also, DET cannot see the transfer between your ssh server (possible your desktop at home), and your laptop/school puter (at school using det wifi/det laptop). as it is all encrypted so dont worry about them.

Ok for this guide i will show you how to setup a "SSH" server on a linux box, (its possible on a windows box but i found it crashes after 2 logins using .NET framework 3.0). I will give u a tutorial of setting this up on ubuntu (you could use a virtualbox/virtual pc or somethin).

Type this in the console:

sudo apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client

(for those who do not know running sudo is the same way as running shit as adminitstrator for windows). it should automatically start. To test this you can type ssh localhost in console.

use your computer username and password for this. (the same one you would use to use the linux box). To create a new user its simple, just type "sudo useradd joeblo" and then "sudo passwd joeblo", enter the password you want for "joeblo".

Next bit of hard work to do, type this

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Find the line "Port 22", change this to "Port 443".

The reason for this is because the DET blocks port 22, and cannot block 443 as it also is related to secure websites with the padlock and that kinda shit.

Now port forwarding, read the guide that comes with your router and make sure your ip and port is forwarded, (port443 to port 443).

Ok now, you require a domain name to get through the det filters, i have my own domain name that i use from a client's website which is on det's whitelist ( i do not distribute this to anyone except friends with a ssh server attached to it) . You may have trouble finding a free domain host which the det allows, i would look towards dyndns.com. they all have detailed information to create it (im too lazy to go through it).

now you require puTTY, this can be found in google. once downloaded, run it. now, find Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels. Add port 8080 as dynamic. then find Connection -> Proxy. this is wehre the det proxy goes, enter proxy.det.nsw.edu.au, port 8080, ur username and password is your det details to get on the net. now, the server, just enter your domain name and port 443. and then your username and password for your linux box.

it will come up with default text and other shit if you are succesful otherwise "Access Denied". NOw setup your firefox or internet explorer to enter the proxy in proxy settings "SOCKS port8080". and here you have it, a fully functional unfiltered internet.

(just for idiots who dont know, this will use your downloads (bandwidth) at home as you are using your home connection to "tunnel" through the det net.). If you use this to play runescape or WoW at school ill cut your dick off.

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SSH Tunneling by THSHax0r
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